i looked into my screens and cried

Discussion in 'Trading' started by silk, Mar 11, 2003.

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    The specialist stole my money again.
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  3. realizing I could have bought mucho NOK

    I on Instinet pre market ( I did scalp a little bit)

    and sold it $ 1.00 higher later on in the day to the tech lovers

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    Try futures.

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    add more monitors for more opportunities....
  6. Let me just state that you have had way more success then I have had. However have you ever thought of taking some time off until the war thing is resolved or until you see things happening again for your style on a more consistent basis. You might not get in right when it picks up but you might save your save a lot of money if you find that you are losing money over a monthly or weekly basis. That is one of the advantages of not working for anyone, you do not have to trade everyday. I know several experienced traders who have decided to step away until the war thing is resolved. They don't want to burn themselves out battling in this sh-t and serious alter their stategies for the limited movement lower reward environment where they become hesitant when we do start moving again. If the worst case scenario happens where we stay like this indefinitely then it might be time to for many of us to reavalutate what we do.
  7. volatility will unleash soon, we will all bank if we are prepared and ready to rock
  8. did he change the origional thread post?
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    Unleash the volatility soon. I know i'm too afraid to miss a good day of trading. I should take a month off. But i won't.
  10. I hear you, Its nice to think about taking time off... but whos kidding who :D
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