I look forward to...

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  1. seeing bears crapping in their pants tomorrow. Ever hear a bear squeal? It sounds really funny. Kind of a like a 3 year old girl.

    ES 1324 on deck.



    Keep hating and fading me. It makes me richer.
  2. Daily charts poised to rip higher, I just trade em like I see em but there is no denying the bullish setup here.

    Let's see what happens...
  3. What do you guys think of the resistance right around the 1291 range on the SPX? I'm a bit leery about getting in at this level so i'll just do a wait and see approach.
  4. You obviously missed yesterday's bounce and todays small runup. The movement the past month has been in a narrow, tightening range.

    Don't believe the idiots who are screaming for the markets to fall down further. The game doesn't work that way in this election year environment. Ask yourself this:

    Do you really think the present party wants the markets to fall down in admist of a campaign?

    Trade long bias up to the elections, then bail out as UNCERTAINTY settles in. There will likely be a sentimental dip that will be a buying opportunity after the election. However, don't think this is going to be a new bull wave. This market will go SIDEWAYS in a 20-30% range over a duration (I'm not telling).

    Funds are presently loading up. I see that across everything I look at. Patience is the difference between missing those days that GAP UP AND RUN and missing the entire trend.

  5. Yes, the setups are bullish. You have to be in the game holding positions before open to take advantage of the big moves. Acceleration the first 30 minutes will be the bulk of the days move.

    I foresee upward bias with long strong sticks followed by shorter piddly ones boring traders to death, mostly keep the dumb bear thinking "this is the top" look.

    Bullish swing traders carrying overnight positions into this Summer will garner the most of the beef . Daytraders and tick fools will be kicking themselves from not adapting to longer term holds.

    Thats the way I see it.
  6. Keep hating bear bitches. Keep hating. The more you hate, the more it goes up ding dongs. :D
  7. Yesterdays #'s just put a one day hold on the rally :D

  8. Yawn. So boring sitting on my yacht watching the tides move in and out eating caviar and sipping champagne.

    Sammy the seagull has perched himself on the bow and his feathers are ruffled like Kate Winslet in Titanic. He continues to point North.

    He is forecasting choppy, narrow daily waves biased upwards heading into Thursday.
  9. Picture?
  10. ES 1298 a BUY and new support. You dont need a picture - just a compass :D

    Jack Dawson is drawing the young Rose while she is sitting naked on the couch. I think he's catch wood. Probably take him a few days to draw completely. His hands are shaking and a little jumpy at the moment. :D
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