I like the natural simple ways of the non-religious taoists

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  1. Some peculiar characteristics of Taoists !
    Taoist are not ambitious in nature, not passionate in the pursuit of anything, especially illusions such as wealth, power, glory, fame, public recognition, sexual pleasure and material possessions. It might surprise many to know that Taoists avoid doing anything with passion, for passion is an attachment , and attachments enslave and locks the person.
    But this does not mean a Taoist has no goals, do not plan nor prepare. Once a goal is identified, he plans and prepares a way to achieve it. Ambitious drive is replaced by planning, passion with discipline and commitment. This means they will practice their daily Qigong / Daoyin exercises, whether they are in the mood or not. If you are generally content and not ambitious, perhaps you have a natural Taoist streak.