i like gollllllllllllllllld.

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  1. eom.:cool:

    going to 700 by year end.
  2. Agreed, trying to get in on this Bull.
  3. for disclosure, i am long aauk and have had it since before the last split.

    people think it's inflation - it's not.

    fallout from india and china having booming economies where people are starting to have the means to buy gold and other commoditized products.

    my thesis is this trend is a game-changer.
    long-term bull market in commodities, gold is just the bellweather.

    good luck all.

  4. Long NXG, one of my best plays YTD. I might get over 100% gain on it, let's hope I hold out.

    It's tough to find a cheap gold stock lately, I must say. Me thinks this bull ride is gonna end soon, too many people in on the gold game.
  5. John Q. Public has little to no clue about precious metals. Run up has really only been over the last year or so that things have started to get noticed. Strong fundamental issues exist.

    I think the gold bugs are about to have their day in the sun again, after a long long long dark night.

    IMHO, from a risk/reward perspective, this thing is really just starting.
  6. Year end? Shit...the way this things moving, it'll have 700 by month end. Three days ago, it was 600. Today it touched 640. By my calculations, that's what...4 days to 700?
  7. take a look at December 1979/January 1980, parabolic rise, $40 or $50 a day. And then poof. I think its got a ways to go, I sure as hell won't get in the way
  8. Let's hope so. Just found another good miner to jump into.
  9. yeah its bizarre.
    Unfortunately, gold or a commodities boom of the size speculated will be the crux of a new, severe global depression.

    But, that never stopped anyone doing ok, looking at GC-2007 Z, already passed 690.

    You ever get the feeling, your still standing behind the barrier, and everyone else is long gone?
    Seriously, what price, could you possibly be happy with getting in on this, now?
  10. mgarc


    short gold at 645.5
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