I like Cramer...

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  1. Although he is a poor trader.. his fundementals ideas are pretty good...

    If you were to take his ideas and put it together with a good trader... I think you would make great money... thats probably how he ran his fund.. with Jeff Berkowitz doing all the trading and hedging..

    He has very good sector analysis and really understands whats going on in the market..

  2. I don't agree with you often - but you are right in this case.

    Read his book - "Confessions of a Street Addict". Very entertaining.
  3. The big idea with dony deutch is the epitopmy of garbage..

    What a shame to carry that show on any network.

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    whats wrong with donny deutsche?
  5. You sat down and traded with him before? I assume that would be the only way you know he is a bad trader.
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    Donny Douche?
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    Who cares about Cramer anymore?

    I think I have seen about 50 threads about people with hard ons about Cramer or people that want to kill him in the past 2 months. Who cares. I think his record from his show and AAP are well documented, he is not doing anything magical, last I checked he was down a few percent. Get over him already. If you want a go blow him be my guest but stop posting thread after thread about Cramer because 99.99% of us do not care anymore.
  8. i like him, too!

  9. At least he is more entertaining than Lou Dobbs.
  10. wouldnt looking at his record for the last 4 years in his public account be enough evidence to make that judgement?

    here is a record of his show picks:

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