I left chicago just in time....

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  1. http://cbs2chicago.com/local/Parking.Meter.Revolt.2.967110.html

    Fucking Dems are destroying all kinds of Cities and States. From CALI's Tent City now in "Public Fair Grounds" to Chicago and their Rise in Meter prices.

    Fuck those "Blue States".

    Give me RED and let me see the white's of "their" eyes with my AK locked and loaded..., its time to say enough is enough.

    Why do the citizens allow this shit to happen?
  2. I had a friend that could not stand California and went to North Texas. We went for a visit. There were no building guidelines at all in his town, some houses looked like converted chicken coops. There was nothing to do for the kids except score dope and watch rented videos... the Sheriff could get away with shooting anybody at any time and he shadowed me all over the place until my friend told him that I was ok.. [it was the California plates I guess] I met a guy named "junior" and people that knew him for decades did not know his real name... it was like stepping back into the dark ages in a lot of ways... Then the tornado watch was up on the television and they all huddled around waiting to see what the future was going to be like for their "town"... I sort of have not been so enamored of Red States since then...
  3. Good luck in those red states.

    You are truly ignorant if you think they'll fare any better than the rest of the U.S. in the years to come.

    Oh yeah, keep your head down and security tight if you're anywhere near the border in Arizona or Texas.
  4. You sound like the kind of mutant who'd grab the lifejacket from
    a 12 year old little girl on the Titanic and push her out of the lifeboat ...sad.