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    but I am a 'newby' that stumbled across this site and really appreciated all the stories I read about 'WAXIE'. It was pretty enlightening to get another point of view other than his arrogance in his email alerts. I was in a two-week trial with him, and made some decent returns. I considered staying for awhile, but decided to bail when I found out that the only package of any value was $250/month. Yes, you can pay $14.95 for just Waxies daily thoughts, but not worth it in my mind. Plus, the slang gets old after the second email alert. With this is mind, any thoughts from members on a couple other so-called services, such as: Pristine or ShogunTrading? I had free trials with them as well, which again, were decent.

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    Reality Trader . com

    Chris and Vadym both do an excellent job with their room...

    PEACE and good trading,
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    What is your goal? is it to sit back and be spoon fed? or is it to learn so that you can go into the market yourself?

    If you judge web sites based on that around 99% of the chaff will be thrown out immediately.

    btw, I agree with commissio, rt.com is a great site. Ofcourse, they have their style. If it suits you and you adopt it and make it your own then thats great.
  4. What about Shortboy? My man short boy will kick all their butts! No one can hold a candle to shortboy!
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    I know of one place that can beat short boy blind folded, the only problem is that their current services are not available to the public at this time. I guess there is going to be something offered in September.. http://www.watermarkresearch.com
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I need to swing trade, as I simply dont have the time to day trade, I have a career I like, and it pays the bills rather nicely. My goal in swing trading is to supplement my income and bring in an average 3-5% per week with minimal time for research (so in a sense, I do need to be spoon fed sometimes). Hence it is why I wanted advice/opinions on services such as Pristine. I like the support the have given me in making my own decisions, and also the spoon feeding they give me when I dont have time.

    If anyone has any thoughts on great swing trading sites, let me know.

    And I dont need to get bashed, like I have seen many rookies take in here from a few of the arrogant senior members, as that is ridiculous. This site is great, and I love to hear both sides of the story.

    Thanks in advance...
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    I might suggest getting a good after hours charting package. I like TC-2000, but IBD has some good stuff. And silicon Investor has some good screening software for free.

    Then find a few patterns that you like to trade like a double bottom or double top, and use limit orders. My bias against a lot of sites is that there is a conflict of interest in having someone call trades and trade at the same time. Unless of course the site is limited to a certain number of traders. Any set-up will become void at some point when too many people use it.

    I just don't see too many people that would be willing to give picks away for a couple of bucks a month. I do see people who will sell you inventory from their picks and charge you for it.
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    Gary B. Smith from realmoney.com has a nightly list of swingtrade picks and some q&a from readers that can be informative. He's got a good track record and if you want some one to just feed you picks, he'd be my first choice.
  9. if you like 'pristine' then why aren't you staying with them?
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