i know this is obvious, but...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Gordon Gekko, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. out of the box and into the fire:D
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  2. Well, I've heard it all, now...lol
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  3. i wonder how well that works over a long term? you're saying that the market may wiggle down some, but it probably will squirm back up for 1.5 pts. i wonder how that worked in spring 2002? man, the day it doesnt scratch back up is the day the trader is squirmimg. no thank you. i dont want unlimited loss for a 1.5 pt profit potential. no thank you.

    the backtesting over whatever period may have indicated a certain outcome, but that is not guaranteed, and it would not reflect the intense pain of being down 70 or 100 pts after setting a 1.5 pt profit target. even considering the backtesting, ill pass. :)
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  4. Not hard at all. It's all about recognizing a loser and reacting to it(get out fast).

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  5. qqq,

    yeah, i thought that at first read. however, the operative words in greg's post are "with the right settings". it makes sense if you are utilizing the "right settings"

    surfer :cool:
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  6. LOL get serious, you can *never* be sure you have the "right settings" (if even there is such a thing)
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  7. dave,

    1. right settings = optimalization via filters/indicators?

    well, with that caveat i guess anything is possible. why not put the time into a more efficient system with less risk of major drawdown. quick scalps only on rangebound/oscillating day - during certain periods or after certain price action - well maybe?

    2. overall, ill pas on a scalping system with no downside hedge. alot of trading is counterintuitive, so please dont think me closed-minded, but i am not well suited psychologically to that system. and honestly, that system "feels" wrong for the right reasons.

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  8. You're hedging by scalping in a sense. You're in, then out--risk in check.

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  9. no, he says you are in. out. in. out. in and in and in and in. that's downside risk.
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  10. What are you nipping on? Scotch?

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