I know i'm sounding redundant but, a good starter setup?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by magnum29464, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. I've been looking through the topics and I'm still rather confused. could I get some suggestions on the best way to recieve these things in a simple setup:

    Real time futures data
    real time indicators
    simple charting info

    I downloaded quotetracker and and getting a 7 day trail at IQfeed. Will this do the trick or do I need more software?

    Im not sure how to find indicators? do they come with software or data feeds or are they ordered seperately?
  2. Yes, this is a good starter setup. Technical indicators will normally come with the charting software. The only thing you would be missing is a broker to do trades.
  3. atozcom


    Or, may be... that you should know how to trade.

    Oh, one more little thing... that you should have a lot of money that you can afford to loss.
  4. eSignal is good too
  5. If you want to investigate indicators and all kinds of tools Ensign has to be given a good look at. It comes with dozens of templates that would take you forever to develop (the standard set up for most indicators often isn't very good).

    You can get a 1 week free trial but it needs a datafeed like IB, DTN or eSignal.
  6. Slightly sarcastic perhaps, but nevertheless, very true.
  7. I dont plan on trading just yet. I wanna do a little observation first. Doing research on a method I may want to try. Im not into back testing either. All I want right now is data feeds, charts to analyze the data and indicators. Once I feel secure about my methods I will begin to trade.

    As far as my losses go this is a zero sum game. My losses mean more for some of u. so be happy if i lose money.