I know I am an old fart because....

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    I miss Keith Moon, John Bonham, Mitch Mitchell,Buddy Miles, Carmen appice, etc and I have a kid who is taking up the drums, but doesn't get it. I hear no one currently to compare, and I'll guess there are, but I am an old fart who doesn't hear it.
    Yea, how sad I was listening to the opening of CSI Miami and remembered seeing the Who so long ago. The moonie was a maniac on the drums, yet kept time using his whole kit instead of just the snare and hi hat. I love that, I wish in my days of drumming I had any skill or talent to reproduce these guys.
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    My 19 year old son drums for fun. I must say it is much harder than it looks. :cool:
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    you forgot David "Pick" Withers, the lad can bang the cans.

    Mark can jam more notes into one bar of music than most on the planet.

    Rock gods et al.



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    My aunt still looking for who destroyed her 'Brothers in Arms' cassette..

    Constant play/rewind after guitar opening of Money for Nothing guitar solo may have contributed.... :)

  5. My wife threatened to leave me because she says I'm obsessed with the 1980's

    I made her a 90 minute mixed cassette tape to say sorry.
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  7. headed out to my car to crank my fav 8 track

  8. Wow, Sultans of Swing.. brings memories of the time when that was first getting radio play, I had a Ford that was all customized, bright yellow, wire basket wheels, stripped, only the door handles and a couple of yellow hood locks showed.. it was a low cost project really except for the chrome wire basket wheels.. so I replaced the speaker, built it into a wood box and just krammed it up into the wiring under the dash, it was suspended there, not touching any solid part of the car.. and everything sounded good through it but some songs sounded just great through it, that was one of them.. Another was "cocaine" by Eric Clapton.. I was waiting for wifey at the sheriff's station once, sitting in the parking lot and Clapton comes on the radio with Cocaine, I'm sitting there with the windows open, oblivious to where I am and after awhile I look around and all these cops are giving me the raised eyebrows look...
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    You guys are old. Anyone over 50 is old, if the 70's or early 80's are your best years you're old, not saying you're done for by any means but certainly over the top and on the downslope.

    Best take care yourself from here on out. your best days are behind you, but you already know this.
  10. Hey..:D

    You , you, whippersnapper.....:cool:

    I've been young,,,,,you have never been old...:cool:

    Each decade gets better.

    Music sucks though, so does the news,,class reunions blow (don't take my word for it, never been to one) cars are better, Bud is still bud, two dollar ticket at the track is still 2 bucks.

    I can do anything I did when I was younger (if I want to- uh huh, uh huh) but for now ---going to take a nap. zzzzzzzz
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