I know a group of guys they run a company, Predicting Market 100 % always Never loss

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    they always know where market is going to go namely because they talk it over and decide where to send the markets

    these guys control the supply of money, they run the FED and IMF (International Monetary Fund) :D

    say it ain't true :D
  2. Sushi


    Mr bilder Berger?

    Bohemian grovers ?

    Tri lateral commission?

    Ronald mc Donald?
  3. IMF


    as far as I know they are just group of industrialists

    central bankers of EU and USA are a whole other breed, the ultimate power, the controllers of currency
  4. Sushi


    who controls them? They are merely pawns
  5. Sushi


    bohemian grove meets next week. They control the world. Look it up. Bilderberger there trilateral there big changes soon
  6. IMF


    what do you mean ...no one controls central bankers, they are the ultimate power

    if you understand how the supply of currency is controlled and who is controlling it, then you can see the true power on earth
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  8. IMF


    first off I like you alias, too bad you are WRONG
    members of builderbergers are also Clinton and some other small time people

    surely you are not saying that Clinton is above the central bankers ????
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    bump and I'll let it die

    the more people wake up on how money supply works the better, well maybe not, depends who you ask :)
  10. They didn't knew.
    They got burned as well.
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