I knew that selloff was coming

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. ask me how.
  2. where are the horror stories of folks losing their shirts?

    do all the losers just slink away quietly.
  3. ...................(crickets chirping)..............................:(
  4. you didnt ask
  5. Nice, post that blotter and let's see the $$$$$$$$$
  6. spd


    How often do you cry wishing you had friends?
  7. who cares, it already happened.

  8. dlonET


    How did you know?
  9. Your a winner and everyones a loser and you feel the need to tell everyone about it . Hmmmmm come here , ill give you a big hug , its going to be OK once you get back on your medication , The feeling of alienation and low self esteem will flow from your body once the warm fuzzy feeling from the opiates flush the distressed feelings from your soul

    Its not that bad you know , you can buy friends with all the money you made :D :D
  10. I already knew that you knew.

    But do you know how I knew that you knew when you didn't know that I knew? :D
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