I knew it had to be a Republican

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    Heard about this woman Shirly Nagle of Grosse Pointe, Michigan? She's the Grinch of Halloween. She only handed out candy to children who supported her choice for President.

    Olbermann told the story but didn't mention her candidate, nor did several story summaries on the net. Finally I found a couple of stories that revealed that -- surprise, surprise -- she's a McCain supporter.

    Only a Republican would try to make Halloween -- a holiday for kids -- political.

    Just when I think you people have gone as low as possible, you always find a lower place. Snakes look down on you.
  2. There was a dog adoption clinic, they would offer free neuter on dogs for Obama supporters.
  3. Last thing we need is another generation of Democratic puppies waiting to be adopted to a nice Republican home.
  4. There was also a Planned Parenthood clinic giving away FREE abortions to obama supporters, plus a FREE bumper sticker to boot.........



  5. Yeah, it's always fun to throw crap.......i never really got the connection between abortion and the truly bizarre stance of the military, that family values were paramount and the encouragement to military personnel to have families, preferably big ones, was somehow important to them.

    The long term enlistment plan, however, makes more sense.
    Progeny of military personnel are more likely to join the military, despite the higher likelihood they will be physically, or mentally disabled as a matter of course.

    How's about, the number of orphans and (OMG) despised mixed race children produced by vietnam, which McCain was , somehow a hero of.

    Despite his best efforts, clearly.

    Napalming entire villages.....carpet bombing......nah, no dead or wounded there, they were all "bad", sympathisers and such.

    Hearts and minds.....what a joke.
    It is, at face value, a great military strategy........"if we completely incinerate the hearts and minds of the enemy, they will be dead, and no longer a threat."