i keep repeating the mistakes

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    i have 3 patterns which seems to work 4-5 times a day. Other times, i have a habit of blind trading. i review it after a fact and its demotivating. how do i get rid of this habit of compulsive trading without looking at all the signals.
  2. 1. Forgive yourself. There is a greedy and fearful person in each and everyone of us. The greedy person in you took over control of your body during the compulsive trading. Having satisfied his compulsion, that person is now taking the backseat, until the next time... So it's no use to get angry or feel demotivated, because that person is no longer steering the ship (your body), so he doesn't feel a single thing...

    2. Post a sticky right next to your monitor (or create a web page listing your past compulsive behavior and set this web page as your home page). Whenever you feel Mr. Compulsive tap on your shoulder again, quickly look over the post-it note, or home page.

  3. awesome tip, webapge thing.
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  5. Your mistake is not to go long instead of short.
    Your mistake is to keep trading.

    There is NO winning short term strategy.