I keep pounding the table on PTT

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by midlifeguy, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. Up nicely today. Stock will roll from here...I expect great news this week...

    Target $8 by Friday.
  2. Up another 10%..should fly to $8 here.
  3. Conf Call today...PTT is buying back alot of stock due to it being so undervalued. They are also upping 2008 guidance.

  4. What is this today some sick joke.
  5. hang in there...trust me on this one...I almost guarantee over $10 by end of year. I say almost because nothing in life is certain except taxes and dying.

  6. I read over the buyback program. They plan to buy back 1.6 million shares. There are only 16 million shares outstanding. Therefore, they plan on buying back 10% of the available float!!!
  7. Michael,
    Pretty awesome, no? Look how much the CEO has vested with his LLP. They will do what it takes to get this stock up.
  8. Beast84


    Are you Serious?
    Your joking right. He's joking.