I keep hearing how bad Obama will be

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  1. is it even possible to spend more than Bush did? I mean...what would he spend it on!?
  2. All polls today are moving away from tightening, Rasmussen is 5, as it was for the last two weeks. Zogby too, Gallup is 8....
    CNN/ Time polls point to solid leads in battleground states, even Georgia, NC and Arizona are now within single digits.
    GDP number and Exxon profits won't help.

    If I were to but money on this, I'd say McCain is toast.

    Ironically, the only thing that saved the GDP from being dismal is GOV spending.....
    So I hope he spends on EnvTech, infrastructure, creates jobs, creates wealth, jumpstarts the economy.
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  4. Yannis,
    Because 99 % of your posts are copy/paste, material that either I can find by myself or been exposed to, I deem your added value to this forum to be ZERO or negative, and thus have taken the decision to add you to my ignore list.

    I have no problem with your political leanings. You're the Republican version of "Insider trading". you're both ignored now, forever

    It was good "knowing" you.
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    As I said before, stop trying to censor those you disagree with and concentrate on what you have to contribute! :(
  6. i copy pasted myself
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  8. I have more a problem with Palin's lack of ideas that ideas. The lady doesn't think, reflect, analyze or synthesize.
    I respect people who have a different opinion of mine, but can defend it & explain it based on rational argumentation.
    Palin can't. She's a hot milf with no brains, that's IT.