I just won the Mega Millions...should I form a hedge fund to multiply my money?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by blowingup2012, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Last week I walked into the store over here and with my last dollar I purchased a lotto ticket. After boozing it up all of this weekend not really caring I woke up a few hours ago and went back to the store to find that I have won the Mega Millions.

    Now that I have won, Im wondering if I should form a hedge fund to multiply my money?
  2. Better yet... start an airline.
  3. Yes, definitely. Or just put it all into NFLX.

    I won $20,000,000 playing poker last month and am using it to reverse pyramid long into large quantities of AAPL puts, as the stock moves higher and higher against me. Any comments welcome.
  4. I thought you were leaving this site for good, whats taking you so long?
  5. I read this also. Why do these trolls always say they are going to leave, in fact proclaim it, and then just keep posting? :confused:
  6. Just "blowup", I could always use more dumb money trading against me :p