I Just Started and this trading is incredibly easy

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  1. I'm using a demo account with FXCM and have made a few hundred bucks. How come this forex trading is so easy? Are they not charging me commissions when using a demo account?
  2. you only pay the spread...
  3. When I said commissions I meant spread.
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    I won a trading contest among a group of trader friends with a demo account. I turned 100k into 2.2M in a few weeks. I'm a <b>HUGE</b> trader when I'm in demo :D

    I switched to real cash and well....ummm....ahhh....well....let's just say I didn't make a million bucks. Go hit the live button and come back and tell us how easy it is :p

  5. Sounds like you have a natural gift for trading, time to get off the demo and leverage up.

  6. I'm not bragging- I probably just got lucky. I assume that the psychological pressure of knowing you're using real money changes people.

    Quick question though? For starting out with a small bit of capital, what do you guys recommend for a broker, and what leverage I should use?
  7. leverage should be a result of the assessed risk per trade...

    the fact that a broker offers 500 to 1 leverage means nothing... My account is setup with a 500 to 1 leverage but the average leverage i use is 3 or 4 to 1.

    Just because the leverage is there doesn't mean you have to use it all...
  8. You really don't need much capital at all to trade FOREX. For example, with IBFX you can open a mini account and trade down to 0.01 lots.
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    I bet everyone does real well on the FXCM demo account they're a friggin bucket shop.

    Here's a thought rgilbert how do you know that what you are seeing on the demo is matching up at all with any kind of actual reality? Do you have another quote source?
  10. start with 1 mil and leverage 1:100

    come back in a week

    good luck
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