I just shorted UAUA @ $1000

Discussion in 'Trading' started by flipflopper, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Best trade of my life!!!!

    My God... the markets have become a total joke with no credibility.

    NYSE is now like the Canadian Pink Sheets!!!
  2. $0.01 to $1000.00

    Why are we seeing these prints? Too funny!
  3. haha damn so u were the one that caused my alert to go off

    but i think they will break the trade?
  4. Wait... Did you actually short at $1000.00 or just BSing.

  5. that's funny it's on my chart too....:D
  6. Dustin



    "NASDAQ MarketWatch is investigating potentially erroneous transactions involving the security UAL Corp executed between 10:55:00 and 11:08:00 ET today. MarketWatch will advise with details as soon as available."
  7. is it halted?
  8. Bob111


    do not cover!



  9. hmm...have you seen erroneous trades before?
  10. I joke... I joke
    #10     Sep 8, 2008