I just saw Bernake boarding a Sikorsky

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. All I know is their were a bunch of duffel bags being loaded.
  2. Yes... Bernanke and ilk in body bags.

    ECB is focused on inflation... what a novel idea for Central Bankers.

    Translation: no cuts pending by ECB or BOE

    Resolution: US Fed cannot keep cutting while rest of world (sensibly) holds pat or raises.

    Bottom line: dovish bulls leveraging indexes upward since 8/19 just took a cattle prod up the south end, full voltage switched on.

    Kiss goodbye rate-cut pipe dreams for 10/31. How does the broad market feel about that? Take a look at your charts... it is being explained to all bias bulls in scientific, mathematical fashion.