I Just Saw A Bull Entering The Capital-- Less than 15 Minutes Ago

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  1. shit, better put a stop loss at 15.90 ($440 loss) in case of a breech.....even though I fully trust the guru call, one cannot be too careful.
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  2. I know.....are you telling me i was follish in heeding your call?
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  3. I do not know if you are saying what you want to say or being sarcastic.
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    don't confuse bull with dead cat bounce(short covering or short covering)

    to be bullish market need to break all resistance on huge volume but and economy is doing really well and people are investing money into their retirement funds instead of cashing out retirement funds.

    than again if you have your 7 year old kids trust account to invest and can hold for like 15 years, there are some good investments which are buy and hold. companies should have no debt and have huge cashflow and assets for long term investments in this market.

    only the strong companies with strong management will survive a economic recession or depression. companies like Coa cola, GM, IBM and consumer companies emerged from the great depression very strong in the 50s'

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  5. Guys:

    Do not misquote me. I did not write a bull market. I wrote the bull is heading to wallstreet to do business to the bears.

    And the call is what you read above. It regards the sp500.

    It is UNAMERICAN to short this market. :cool:
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  6. No, jus stupid as hell to be long it. We are dissapproving of Obama's method, which is unamerican. Us shorting it are american and hope this administration will realize they are ruining capitalism.!!.
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  7. MOD........... This is a market call thread and belongs in trading for the time being. We are having a lesson from the OP on his call in the current market in "real time"

    Please move to trading!!!
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  8. I went long when you said to.

    You said we had established a bottom in the S&P so I went long SSO at 200 shares at 16.12.....

    You still sure about this or are you waffling?
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  9. This is your call and I ran with it.

    Stop at 15.90
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  10. LOL...for the record, I was short 4000 SSO at the breech of 16.40 and continue to hold.

    How could you make a bull call with this action?

    Fucking knucklehead.
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