I just made a 30 handle call on the ES and my thread gets moved to "chit chat"

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Port1385, Jan 19, 2009.

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    The ES is right now at 836. Earlier in the morning I said I went short at 865. Thats nearly a 30 handle call on the ES. 1 contract would have yielded about 1500 dollars in profit.

    So why did my thread get moved to chit chat? Why doesnt William Rennicks urgent message thread, which contains profanity and uncivilized talk, get moved to chit chat?

    Obviously, the moderator has a chip on his shoulder. Any good call made in the trading section is moved to "chit chat" while the idiots like Rennick reign supreme.
  2. Joe


    Your thread adds nothing of value to the site. Chit chat is a perfect resting place for the thread.
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  4. Port, the only chip on my shoulder is that for users that are bogus, post bogus trades, spam, resurrect threads just to do so and not add anything, or trollers. You fit ALL of those criteria.

    As Joe said, your thread offers nothing of value. You, essentially, offer nothing of value here. Don't like that? Change.
  5. Thats good that you are enforcing the code of conduct and rules of ET, however, my observation is that this enforcement is only of a selective nature when you feel it appropriate. Im looking at several threads right now in the trading section that seem meaningless to trading or of a profound nature. These threads exist, but are left unmoved.

    I can only conclude that you move the threads based upon your own prejudice as others have observed.

    If you are placed with the responsibility of moderation, paid or unpaid, then you should moderate according to the site's conduct rules, but not recreate based upon your own prejudiced views.
  6. Your assumption that I am predjudiced is just that. An assumption.

    Please tell me what threads you believe should be moved. Link them here and I will tell you why they are still there.

    Also keep in mind that I do not check the forum 24/7 like yourself, and it is possible a thread may have been posted in the interim that I simply have not seen to move yet.
  7. bronks


    Read it and weep you girlie boy.

    What is up with all the 14 year olds on this site? These kids should be into pussy, not fucking with traders on a website. Good job Ivan, rid the site of these little bastids.
  8. I think if you just click on the "Trading" section then you can obviously see several good examples. As I type this, there are several similiar threads to the ones I posted.

    As well, many others have provided feedback to you about this issue. If you have many people all saying the same thing, then there is probably an issue with your moderation.

    Its not a good path to go down to let bias and prejudice affect your moderation. If you let it affect you just one time, its easier to let it affect you another time and it will happen in different ways.

  9. Port, STFU.
  10. You obviously don't want to accept the opportunity to discuss specific threads, so I'll just dismiss this as the noise I first suspected it to be.
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