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  1. TILT2


    I waited for a month to enter the market(I can be very patient)and sold S&P 500 index at 1570 and thought I had the top, but when I logged on to my trading system today, I ended up losing money. Is this market manipulated? The market can't be real! Who is trading in this market and who is behind the market?
  2. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Are you prepared to wait a month to see if your analysis is correct?

    Surely you cannot expect the market to drop like a rock simply because you decided to short it?
  3. I counted 3 questions
  4. TILT2


    This market is crazy! The market hit my stop. And there is no top for this market!
  5. Wait for the volume spike
  6. danielc1


    I have just one answer:
    Nothing real can be treatened. Nothing unreal exists.
  7. Oh really?You never knew it was possible.No trading system-no profit for you.Hard to believe,isn't it?
  8. The market will not drop until 95% of the people are convinced that it's going higher. This will happen at about S&P 1640.
  9. slumdog


    Dont fight the trend.

    You should be either long or neutral in this market, not short.

    The markets are being pushed up by two types, the longs mainly but also the short sellers like yourself who end up covering and pushing prices even higher.
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    Then how do you tell the trend is over?
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