I just got a phone call from Mann Futures with an offer to trade on Currenex Software

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  1. I just got a phone call from Mann Futures with an offer to trade Instutionally on the Currenex Software.

    I currently trade at Oanda.

    What difference would I see?

    I need 20k (not a problem) to open with and trade in lot size and would need my own charts (I do not use charts). Is the spread that much different? The leverage is 2.5% - 5%. Trade increments is 5 lots.(you might be able to scale in a lot at a time, but it better equal 5 lots by the end of the day or you can get kicked out) Mann adds 1/2 pip markup.

    I am happy with Oanda...I hate these phone calls.

    Michael B.

    P.S. 20k is just not enough money and they are crazy for offering such a thing.
  2. If I start to research this I will open up a can of worms, let alone all the posts in ET. I kinda get Savantish.

  3. One thing that is different I would only get 1% on the cash...verses Oanda's 4.7% APR.

    Michael B.
  4. They got my phone # from NFA. I used to be a CTA and withdrew my membership, but they thought I was still a CTA. I told Chris I was not a CTA any longer, but he still made his offer.

    Michael B.
  5. Is Currenex really the platform of choice?...Is it the big time? or does UBS have better software and stuff for a guy like me to get closer to trading directly with the banks?

    Is Currenex just the software for an ECN model to use?

    Michael B.
  6. Is this guy having a conversation with himself?

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    He's trying to get to 10,000 posts just leave him be :D :D :D
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    wouldn't it be faster to read what's on their website?
  9. I thought Currenex was supposed to be the defacto standard, although I have heard that hotspotfx.com connects directly to interbank, but I can't confirm as I prefer currency futures for now.
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    I would like to hear from you.... the master trader...

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