I just got a margin call from my broker, for the second time! I’m thinking now if it’s really that b

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  1. Like most traders I obviously feared getting a margin call but now thinking if it is a warning call for the better, so we get the sign that it’s either time to strategize or rethink risk management.
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    Indicates lack of skill.

    In most cases, it's kinda too late.

    Until you are absolutely sure about your approach, - forget using margin.

    (Second time ? Might be that it's a bluff, if you're using CFD's. Doesn't matter tho, because of the things mentioned above.)
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    Use risk management as your foundation. Risk no more than 2% or 1% as they suggest of newbies trying to trade the stockmarket. Use only that amount per trade. It may surprise you that it only takes a small amount of monies to make huge amounts of monies over time. Go back to the drawing board and study how to trade. Make sure any trades you make is aligned with the trend of that stock. That is simple enough to do and enter on pullbacks on a strongly uptrending stock.
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    Go with your thoughts 110%. In fact stop trading until you have revamped your risk management. You are an investor, not a trader if you receive margin calls.
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    Don't say "we" while you are the one here with extremely poor trading skills by either over leveraging or refusing to cut losses when you were wrong with your trades. Having a broker to call you twice suggest you are a terrible trader lol....
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    Trading on margin is too much risk on its own. Maybe you should take a braek.
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    Definitely mate! That's a sign that you need to maybe re-work on your strategies.
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    This thread is a waste of time. The OP(original poster) has not even checked her posts since putting it up. It is typical of many not serious "traders."
  9. I get it, I am completely revamping my trading plan now, obviously what I was doing isn’t working out the desired way. I am not going to be very ambitious with my tp now. Practicing now on demo where I have reduced the gap between my stop loss and take profit. Not risking more than 1% now.
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  10. Precisely what I am trying to do now, thanks