I just got a digital SONY camera

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by aphexcoil, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. The camera came with a 16 meg memory stick that lets you store a whopping 10 pictures in high resolution mode. I purchased a 64 and 128 memory sticks but was wondering if the 128 memory stick is the highest that they make them?

    Why all these different standards for cameras? It would be nice if they had just one universal portable media standard so I could exchange chips, cards, sticks, etc with my friends?
  2. i have one of them cameras with the memory stick and digital video. still have not been able to figure it out. LOL

  3. omcate


    I am interested in videography, video editing, and DVD production. There are different codecs, AVI file formats and DVD formats. It is a nightmare. I guess if there is only one standard, some companies may not be able to survive. They need to set up some barrier to prevent the users from switching to another vendors.

    Just my two cents.
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    How does memory stick go nowadays? are they much cheaper than alternatives?