I just found the holy grail..still not profitable though

Discussion in 'Trading' started by failed_trad3r, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. It's not the holy grail in the sense of having the winning strategy,
    but I found out there is ONE ingrediënt to the markets that makes or breaks a trading strategy
    this can be called a semi-holy grail
    that thing that determines whether your strategy will work in the long run, without it it will not work in the long run
    and i discovered that you need certain tools to exploit it
    this was eye-opening :eek: :eek:

    do you want me to reveal it?:cool:
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    Well come on man
  3. u21c3f6


    Since this is Sunday morning is the answer: Prayer?

  4. Nexen


    The cold c-kid moron ?

    Fits the profile.
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    Joe, you're no fun, you guessed the correct answer straight off!


  6. Let me guess, positive mathematical expectation?
    It took you time to figure out that one.
  7. Just another one of the bandwidth wasting, bullshit talking, smiley addicted 20-something losers that this place seems to attract like shit attracts flies.
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    At least we're not 1000+ post retards who hang out here constantly trying to demene everyone like we're somehow better even though in reality they're probably exactly the same as they haven't handed over any proof to prove otherwise.
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    Lethn 2.81 posts per day, Nik 1.77 posts per day

    at least were not >2 post per day forum punks pretending to be casual posters with a life, money, a hot girlfriend, and better things to do and then who call out the <2 post per day people... at least I'm not THAT
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    But I don't, in fact, I'm posting here because I have nothing better to do and I'm waiting until the weekend is bloody over because the markets are closed.

    Also I'm good at multi-tasking so unless I need to go shopping or something I can do work etc. while randomly forum posting too :p
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