I just found out its perfectly legal to open my own central bank.

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. http://consumerist.com/5102038/neig...heir-own-currency-to-encourage-local-shopping

    Yeah, it worked during the great depression, but during that time not everyone had their own personal money printer in their house (a.k.a. a computer & printer)

    I cant imagine any business agreeing to this, although it sure would make sure you knew every person that used those dollars to make sure they weren't counterfieting.
  2. TGregg


    AHAHAHA! LOL. ROTFLAMO. Surely thou jests. Right? Right? The Willow Oaks HOA is gonna crank out their own coinage? And they don't think that overnight counterfeiters will be everywhere?

    Dang. I wonder if people in my area are this stoopid. My county did pick the democrat governor over the local republican candidate. Hmmm. . .
  3. thedewar


    There's a liqour store down the street that takes Canadian tire money AT PAR!!!!!! yeah thats right... AT PAR