I just did 26 hour back testing no sleep, I feel tired and weirded out

Discussion in 'Trading' started by triggger, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. triggger


    I am tired, or I was many hours ago, but must test ideas, one after another they are not stopping, I feel weird. Like am in the Metastock zone but not the good kind

    PS: of 8 tested ideas. 1 shows promise

    sssooooooo tired

    good night
  2. 26 hours of back testing ? Gosh, I hope your back is ok.
  3. 26 hours?
    I suggest you upgrade your '386-era computer.

    Upgrade to Windows 3.1 while you're at it.
  4. You mean to tell me you actually spent time researching and back-testing?

    Congratulations, that already puts you at the top 1% of all traders
  5. rickf


    Me too ... not 26 hours but today's backtesting day for me on a few ideas just for goofs and grins. I still trade manually, but want to see if what I'm doing have any merit.

    Not sure if I'd ever do a total automated strategy, though .. just not 100% comfy with them.
  6. Tums