I just cannot stand when people try to argue about the economy

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  1. I just cannot stand this...

    I was listening to the radio, and the radio host was trying to tell everyone why the bailout is horrible for the US economy.

    it's just like someone having no training in the medical field arguing w/ a doctor about what is the best way to perform a brain operation.

    Why is this idiot, who probably has no education in economics, probably only high school math skills trying to argue and convince people something he has absolutely no right to argue about.

    This is how we end up getting losers like george bush in office, because we base our opinions on emotion rather than fact.
  2. Irony? Isn't how we've been saddled with Obama?
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    Since when does Economics resemble anything like science?

  4. What has Obama done on par with King George? Obama was elected as a direct repudiation of W's 2 terms in office and current GOP politics. Let's not re-write history
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    Guess what I can't stand? Idiots that put a post like this in the "TRADING" section...get a clue...this isn't even worth CHIT CHAT.
  6. Let me see if I have this right.

    Radio show host/economics/Bush

    Radio show host/brain surgery/Obama
  7. So I gather one must have 3 degrees in Economics from Ivy League schools and 25 years real-world experience to have an OPINION about the economy? I suppose you must have all of the above, since you clearly have your own strong opinion.

    Contradictions and hypocrisy much?

    Just for fun, what are some of the FACTS you so fervently refer to?
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    You don't need any kind of degree to realize that this bailout is pretty much useless in this crisis. You do not spend your way out of a recession.
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    You should argue about the economy in the Economics forum. :D
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    Yes, another bailout would be fantastic. The first one WOULD have worked if it were just a little bigger.....
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