I just accepted OPM to trade with as I want, I got the client by

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    funny how truth and honesty can go far in financial world

    I told my first and second client. Look buddy, I don't need your money (and I don't), I don't need the extra headache and phone calls (and I don't)
    so if you need me you can accept my business or you can have a nice day,
    he accepted and is depositing 200 k to IB account

    needless to say, in order to pull off things like this, it really helps if you are telling the truth
  2. a fool and his money are lucky to get together in the first place
  3. +1 :p
  4. gasy


    are you guys referring to me or my clients or both :D
  5. Clients for sure, if this was real and you got no strings attached, you are a genius :D

    edit: "real" is a longshot given that Cold is in the house

  6. gasy


    I knew you guys wouldn't understand, which is why I started this thread.
    If these two guys told me "sorry but we are going to decline"

    I would say OK, and continue trading my own money. Should I simplify further or do you understand :)
  7. No worries mate, we aren't laughing with you we are laughing at you. It's all good


  8. gasy


    laugh or don't up to you

    I just wanted to share how honesty in finances can pay

    not that you would understand the point of the thread
  9. It's not that I don't "get it". Its that, A. it's not true (you're a pathelogical liar) and B. it's so very obvious what your point is I don't feel the need to examine it.

  10. Sounds like jealousy.
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