I invite CIA, NSA, DOD, FBI to my house.

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    I invite CIA, NSA, DOD, FBI to my house.

    you know how people usually don't want to see the FEDS on their lawn

    well I do, WHY

    did I go crazy day trading, do I see ticks and pips everywhere

    sadly NO

    the reason I am inviting all FEDS to meet with me, (and some do visit ET) is because I have an answer for all our troubles.

    I know how to solve problems in Iraq, I know how to solve our debt problem (my personal favorite) I know how to solve or rather improve medical system.

    I know how we can deal with our extraterrestrial problem,

    I am able to go further with my understanding

    I know which problems are created on purpose as an attempt to solve other problems population isn't even aware off.

    so FEDS call me, I'll make some coffee and we'll get busy. :D :cool:
  2. infooo/ insert, You have completely lost it.
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    share your insight with us mere mortals.
  4. maxpi


    What makes you think they all want to solve anything??
  5. sim03


    Our prayers answered, at last. Thank heavens!
  6. Speaking from experience...

    as the FBI has actually been on my front lawn. They may not want to solve things, but they want it to appear as though they solve things. Two very different endeavors.
  7. maxpi


    There was a shootout at a guy's house in this area a few years back. After the fact, people pointed out that the guy came and went, alone, to and from the house all the time and all the FBI had to do was wait for him to get out of his car on an errand and grab him. Bounty hunters could have done a much better job of it.
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    Luky, you remind me of a friend of mine. :)

    well here is the thing

    terrorism is useful and not to be solved. That is fine

    but there are things such as trade deficit that really should be solved.

    things such as NEED FOR cheap labor which will eventually destroy United States, need to be solved but without open borders,

    I am for joining with Canada, but not Mexico.

    You see the elites of US need to switch to better energy technology and yet at the same time remain ELITE

    this can be done, and I want to help them do this, because if US elite are not happy they will fuck us all up.

    now the good news is that such technology is available and we have it, such technology trickled from extraterrestrials over time,

    Elites of United States need to simply make this technology their own and market it.

    They need to hurry, because Planet can't take much more, after they are done with technology monopoly over the world, They can have their one world government and be finally at peace

    and we the common folk will also be at peace because we will finally worship only true WORLD ELITE

    As you can see Jzlucas, you have a lot of cereal to eat to reach my level of intellect and my level of trading skill
  9. Re-read what you wrote to me. Seriously, you're completely out of it.
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    oh I believe you believe what you are saying

    it is amusing :p
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