I Hope You’ll Respect My Right To Tell You To STFU

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugscoe, May 12, 2011.

  1. Ex-Marine to Flag Burner: “I Hope You’ll Respect My Right…To Tell You To STFU”

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  3. Half of America's problems would be ameliorated if EVERYBODY served 2 years or more in the military... as is required by some countries.

    Freedom ain't free... there is a cost to all... some more than others.

    If you're a PUSSY LEFTIST WHINER who never served.. who doesn't pay Federal Income Tax... you've got no legitimate bitch... not about "income inequality"... not about "woe is me, life ain't fair"... not that "rich people have more than I" (the reason rich people are rich and you're not... is because THEY DID SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T OR WOULDN'T/COULDN'T)... SOMEBODY ELSE IS PAYING YOUR DUES.. SOMEBODY ELSE HAS RISKED THEIR LIFE IN YOUR STEAD... SOMEBODY ELSE IS PAYING UNFAIRLY HIGH TAXES SO THAT YOU CAN SUCK TIT WHILE SITTING ON YOUR ASS WATCHING OPRAH.. AND YOU SHOULD JUST STFU!!

    (Don't you DUMBASSES even ASK whether I served...)
  4. Ricter


    Lots of us served, scateater, but most of us were discharged with all the IQ points we enlisted with.

    By the way, did you serve?
  5. Im not a DUMBASS ......so i'll ask.

    DID YOU SERVE ? :D .