I hope you people are watching EUR/USD, as well as GOLD, America is finished in 5-7

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Headline, Sep 22, 2009.

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    you can be contrarian all you want

    just make sure you are not blind when signs are so clear in your face

    as time goes on, I am beginning to believe conspiracy theorists more and more
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    ****All you americans should know this***

    Canadian Dollar would have passed US dollar and stayed stronger

    except Canadian government is taking measures to make sure Canadian dollar stays weaker

    FOR Christs sake you don't even beat Canadians anymore !!!!!!!!!!

    you people ought to march on the federal Reserve RIGHT NOW

    you people are out of time
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    you people are out of time

    if you don't take back your country from THE FED within 3 months

    you are done

    stick a fork in USA, you are done :eek:
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    Americans are famous for Hollywood, football, and huge cars

    we shall see if that will serve you well, to turn a blind eye to your government and have a beer

    just have a beer

    yeah everything will be fine :cool:

    cold cold beer, so good eh :cool:
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    how come I don't hear anymore chanting


    what's wrong USA, too busy watching movies and drinking beer
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    for crying out loud

    you people don't even realize USA attacked itself on 9/11

    you people are DONE

    D O N E


    Roman Empire lasted a lot longer by the way
  7. Aok


    You have 10 posts and 6 of em are in this thread.

    Pace yourself!
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    pacing don't work bro

    USA is DONE :mad:
  9. LMAO.

    Beat it jerkoff. Take your anti US drivel somewhere else.
  10. It's just c-kid/Jasonn/Cold yet again.
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