i hope you like your young dumb and on the street

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    This is called going bankrupt.

    All these imperialist dirtbags are doing is just cutting every public program except for military until they've exhausted all other options. It will probably be only until they've tried to tax and inflate their way out of debt that they'll eventually stop. Either that or they'll simply get ousted by the very people they sought to dump their wasteful and useless spending habits on.

    Adults can mock young people all they like for being jobless but in the end who's the one really at fault when you see a whole generation getting debt dumped on them by someone else?
  2. The population of detroit has been declining for quite some time now.... Therefore they don't need all of these old dilapidated schools anymore. I don't see how you gathered that detroit is "putting kids on the street" from this.
  3. you misunderstood. i meant out on the streets instead of in school getting up to mischief.
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  5. Morgan, look closely. School texts, supplies, etc.... boggles the eye and mind. This is Detroit. Who let this happen?

  6. st louis, detroit, baltimore...you would rather live in zimbabwe than these cities
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    the Childrens are safer on the street than in those skools.

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