I hope you guys all enjoyed a great day!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ConsiderThis1, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. I just read that the stock market hit a new all time high.
    (I hope that's true.)

    I thought of you immediately!!!!!
    I hope it was a Great Day! for each of you!!!!!

    I've been working on my appeal to get my condo back... (I'm due for a lucky break, ie turnaround) and posting comments about the "mortgage meltdown" and questions of judicial integrity, due process... sort of thing, and my Revised Brief link to blogs :
    (It's why I may not get a second chance at trading.)
  2. using market profiles really helped me today.

    When the indexs never traded off their lows, it suggested a strong up day, saved me from a couple of ill advised shorts.

    7-0 today.
  3. shorted CNTF in the opening and covered it at the closing, made decent gain.

    a lot of good short candidates there even it is sunny
  4. I made 20k+ from shorting CNTF today, averaging up trade.
  5. Wow, that's really interesting to learn... (If only I remembered things better!)

  6. Sounds good!

    I think that's the one I had ages ago that made so much money in a couple days, for only 200 shares. I thought it was True Faith... but I think the name was really a little different.

    Well done, You!
  7. Okay, Look, I want to be able to do this again!

    Well done! Very good!!!
  8. Wow. Way above anything I ever imagined in a day.

    I am WAY impressed.

    I only made about $1,100 or $1,200 that time I had it, if it's the one I think.

    Okay, I really want to be able to do this again!!!!!
  9. Okay, I have a question for you guys: I see that quite a few of you looked at my Revised Brief. Thank you.

    I did not receive my copy back in the mail today, so I called the Appeals Court and talked to a clerk who went to look for my Revised Brief, and after nearly ten minutes she said it wasn't there, they didn't have it. (Ordinarily it takes a couple seconds to confirm that something has been filed.)

    So I was really worried about Del. He's been doing odd jobs for me for over a year and he does what he says. I mean a man of his word. I couldn't reach him today, so then I got even more worried.

    Well, he called tonight and said he'd been out of town and his phone had gotten uncharged.

    I told him how they'd told me he hadn't filed it. I was like, "What happened?"

    But here's what's strange, he said he did take it in to them, and when I persisted in saying how the clerk had said no, he described the building and said it was where he'd filed my Brief for me, and where he'd taken books back to the Law Library upstairs.

    He said that the woman he gave them to had said she'd take the ones in envelopes, too, if he wanted, because the mailman was going to come at 4:30.

    They've never offered to do that for me, help me out with mailing.

    So he left all of them.

    I've reprinted them, and I have all the envelopes stamped, so I guess I'll mail them tomorrow. I wrote and faxed a motion for an extension to allow me to mail them tomorrow.

    I wrote notes about this on my Revised Brief page.

    What do you think? How weird is that?

    (I'm asking you guys because you obviously think quickly and analyze pretty well.)