I hope there is another big selloff in the US

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock_trad3r, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. I want cheaper stocks

    DDM...DIA...GOOG...c'mon selloff

    I want a sell off

    Either way, its all good. Long and strong.

    the futures are down

    Dow 13,664.00 -14.00 -0.10
    S&P 500 1,537.70 -2.60 -0.17
    NASDAQ 1,932.75 -4.00 -0.21
    S&P/TSE 807.40 -2.50 -0.31

    Its all good

    Cause I'm long

    Feb 27th was a gift

    the bears bought puts and short..all had to cover when th market rebounded. The housing and subprime..whaaat? That went nowhere. What happened to the meltdown?

    What happened to china? What happened to the rates & the fed?

    As the old saying goes..the markets scurry up a high wall of worry. There is uncertainly...but thats the best time to buy. Remember 2000 when the optimism was overwhelming? new economy! Growth! Millionaire Dotcom moguls!!! What happened next? Crash! Pessimism & negativity drives the markets higher!
  2. Say man, US markets won't sell off until after the election,

    So if ya got some shorts you're holding you better cover,

    Cos when oil falls, markets will take off...

    And if oil takes off the markets will still rise...

    Know what I mean?

    At any rate, email me if ya want some help,

    I have a big heart for newbies...we've all been there before :)


  3. I suggest taking down that email address. This isn't the place to promote your services.
  4. I suggest taking your negative tone down from your posts.

    It detracts from your potentially thoughtful advice :)

    And by the way, I'm not selling anything,

    I'm looking to help newbies who may need it, hell, if I had it, maybe I wouldn't have spent years of torment learning...