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    The January 12, 2004 New Yorker has an article called:

    "Big and Bad"
    by Malcolm Gladwell

    It is a great article on SUVs and the misconceptions surrounding them.

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    Never understood the fasination with SUVs. Gimme something that sits low, hugs the road and goes 150. Well, OK. Never actually been up to 150. 145 MPH on 696 in Detroit tho :D. But I'd much rather have performance and speed than one of those "offroad" vehicles that never go offroad.

    Not that I think SUVs should be banned or any of that nonsense. But I do wish they'd quit parking next to me (and I can't see around `em). And yeah, I park a ways from the entrance (I need all the exercise I can get - LOL).
  4. I may be totally off, but I think one of the most simplest psychological explanations with SUVs is the fact that you sit higher on the road and that brings a sense of authority to the driver.
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    LOL, that may be so. But I'm sitting in a sleek body hanging around a 350 cubic inch V8. I've got the authority to make them a tiny spot in my rearview. :D

    Not that I condone speeding or any other illegal actions.
  6. So what's the fastest you've gotten that baby?
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    145 :). Once. 120 a few times.