I here declare smallcap is dead

Discussion in 'Trading' started by polee2000, May 17, 2007.

  1. amen
    honestly, that thing has no fuel whatsoever. is this an indication that bullrun is over.
  2. You talking about the Russell smallcap?
  3. I own 17 small cap names in my port. And have witnessed an outflow of funds over the past two weeks.
  4. yeah ER2 somehow russell small cap is getting slaughter by SP600 as well
    something is not right
  5. inda
    where do you find such information
    i am interested find out the fund flow of all major etfs
    IMHO, i think the ER2/iwm is "relatively" undervalued right now.
  6. You misunderstood. I am watching the names I am in and have noticed this action. Clear distrubution or sector rotation selling in them.
  7. Smallcaps suck. They tend to sell off easily. Thats why the dow and sp00z keep going up
  8. That made zero sense, glad to see you're consistently moronic. :D
  9. Cramer's small cap picks do horrible and so does the motley fools. You can make money with breakout trading but aside from that they suck due to the risk.
  10. While market's been going up, bid ask statistics show majority of trading taking place at the bid as opposed to the offer price. This situation has been more pronounced in the last 6-7 mos. Not a bullish sign at all.
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