I have to hand it to Obama...he did something positive that no other president could

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    Now if we can just get Obama to go home.
  2. Jan 2017 isn't that long of a wait :)
  3. LMAO

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    There has not been a halt to illegal immigration, although it has slowed down because the economy is depressed. The Obama administration is eager to sue any state that tries to enforce immigration law. The Democrats love illegal immigration because that's a big part of their voter base -- legal relatives of illegal immigrants and all too often illegal immigrants themselves voting illegally. Now AK47 will jump in here and point out how Dick Armey, Lindsey Graham, George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, and John McCain have all stood in favor of illegal alien amnesty. But the fact is that while maybe 20% of Republican politicians favor illegal alien amnesty (it's cheap labor, after all) about 95% of Democratic politicians do.

    You will never hear a Democratic politician criticize these guys:

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    Another 4 years of Obama and we will all be moving to Mexico

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    ..for the jobs and law & order. :D
  7. Belize a better choice. The wife just got back from there visiting friends. They love it.
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    You can get a passport and citizenship in Belize for $20k cash and can keep your US passport as they allow dual citizenship. I've never been there though.