I have to agree with Cramer and sell all techs

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by jackstone54, May 1, 2008.

  1. I just took a look at Apple and its not as bullish that it may seem from first glance. In 2006, right in May Apple turned down after a retracement and went much lower. I think the same thing will happen now...Apple has retraced and is really a broken stock that is ready to drift lower.

    I have to go in with Cramer on this trade. In the morning, I will buy generous amounts of the REW
  2. Please post the "generous portions" when you buy them.:D
  3. Techs will outperform all other equities for the balance of 08.

    Cramer will be proven the ultimate fade yet again. It's like money in the bank fading Crames.
  4. if the 3-g phone comes out in the summer, and blows people away....momentum too dicey to stand in font of with wall street.
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    I agree. Everything is the same for apple as it was back in early '06. And we know stocks just do the same thing over and over...

    And let's just ignore the massive consolidation around 120 with that big rounded bottom
  6. tech is a great 'strong dollar' play but I woul only recommend AAPL BIDU FSLR RIMM GOOG and avoid crap like oracle, ebay, intel, yahoo, microsoft, cisco

    expect more upside
  7. I think everyone missed the one point that Cramer did make and that was about Genesis Lease. GLS. He basically mistreated the CEO of that show on his television show and hit the sell button. Haha. How inappropriate...

    This is an airplane leasing company and probably something to watch. If the market has bottomed and the credit crisis is over, maybe Cramer is being premature....maybe GLS has hit a bottom.

    15% dividend...
  8. Hell I was just about to leave you alone in your misery and you post this. Who missed the point? You started this thread to sell all techs and people responded. Now we missed the point because GLS may be a good buy? Are you on drugs? Who the hell mentioned GLS until you did right now? What does it have to do with sell all tech stocks? Who besides yourself watches cramer?