I have stopped trading futures

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by coolweb, Dec 18, 2005.

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  1. After careful backtesting and analyzation

    I will only be using futures as a hedging for my long positions.
    In fact I just bought a CBOT seat which I find funny because now I have to lease it out.

    Posting in a section where everybody trades the eminis, obviously nobody knows what the hell I'm talking about or supports this.

    But you heard it here first.

    The Risk Reward on STOCKS is much higher then the risk reward on FUTURES

    the leverage means nothing in futures, in fact I never wanted the leverage.

    Liquidity is a double edge sword. ( a huge double edge)

    All my future trades were pretty profitably , but compared to my stock trades
    they are all chicken scratch.

    If you run the math, leverage means nothing in futures.

    Yes you can get 10x leverage


    What does it mean when YM only moves 30 points without retracing or 50 points. .3% .5%

    Thats 3% -5% max don't forget the whips.

    Where a focused stock can drop 3% and never whip for a bar and then drop another 3% the next day for bonus.

    I also have 4x leverage or more in stocks retail.
    Thats 12% just for the first day.

    I also traded profitably during the fed meeting even though it had 400 whips during a 1 hour period so I have finished my futures schooling with A+ grades.

    So good luck my fellow futures traders,
    while I know lots of people like trading the eminis.

    The risk and reward on the minis are not in your favor.
    Its leveraged and liquid for a reason, and its not for the daytraders to profit immensely off of.


    Just for a side note: I have also solved my issue to the previous problem of why I moved from stocks -> futures. It has been solved. All my stock targets will correlate immensely with my new ideas using futures trading techniques.

    note: I must also say its a cakewalk trading stocks after being in futures. A god damn cakewalk. These stocks don't understand the meaning of WHIPS hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    I feel like I just entered the gravy train and I'm the conductor.

    LOVE IT!
  2. AgaHill


    Prices as of December 16, 03:11 PM (EST)
    Class Bid Ask Last Sale Date

    B-1 (Full) With ERP With Stock 2,350,000 2,800,000 2,600,000 12/15/05

    Includes 27,338 shares of restricted Class A common stock
    (Series A-01= 9,114 shares, Series A-02=9,112 shares, Series A-03=9,112 shares)

    B-1 (Full) Without ERP With Stock 2,250,000 3,400,000 (last sale)2,850,000 10/24/05

    Includes 27,338 shares of restricted Class A common stock
    (Series A-01= 9,114 shares, Series A-02=9,112 shares, Series A-03=9,112 shares)

    B-2 (Associate) With Stock 930,000 1,100,000 953,100 12/15/05

    Includes 10,000 shares of restricted Class A common stock
    (Series A-01 =3,334 shares, Series A-02=3,333 shares, Series A-03=3,333 shares)
    last sale
    B-3 (GIM) With Stock 400,000 640,000 525,000 10/24/05

    Includes 5,000 shares of restricted Class A common stock
    (Series A-01 =1,668 shares, Series A-02=1,666 shares, Series A-03=1,666 shares)

    last sale
    B-4 (IDEM) With Stock 93,000 109,000 100,000 12/15/05

    Includes 1,100 shares of restricted Class A common stock
    (Series A-01 =368 shares, Series A-02=366 shares, Series A-03=366 shares)
    last sale
    B-5 (COM) With Stock 200,000 245,000 205,000 12/16/05

    Includes 2,500 shares of restricted Class A common stock
    (Series A-01 =834 shares, Series A-02=833 shares, Series A-03=833 shares)

    would love to be able to trade to a level were I could afford a seat at the cbot:)
  3. WarEagle

    WarEagle Moderator

    Alright, lets try this again. If you have a problem with each other, take it to the playground, otherwise, mind your own business or just don't read threads by people you don't care for. Liberal use of the ignore function is highly recommended.
  4. Most likely you'll never get there my young trader friend. But, I am sure coolweb is talking about those seats without stock.
  5. Didn't see anything in your previous posts about grains, financials, or metals.

    Here is some free advice, so take it for what it's worth...

    You may want to cancel your user name, re-register with a new name and then not post. Sift through all the garbage on here and you may be able to learn something. Read everything you can on trading - books, websites, journals, blogs, etc. Ask a few questions on ET, but please don't post... Then come up with an idea or two that fits your personality and papertrade your methods (that better have some edge) until you believe in them. Transition into realtime with very small size. Once proficient, move to a larger size like two or three contracts. Then you can tell us what you've learned...

    Good luck.
  6. hahah,
    I just missed all the fan mail at the end damnit after I got back from the movies :D

    I just noticed something very interesting.

    95% of the posts directed to my harmless comment were negative/off topic.

    95% of the traders don't make money.

    5% who did post were somewhat constructive (volente and a few others I forgot their nicks cause all the posts were erased)

    Profitable traders can not argue what I mentioned really, they know whats going on there. Facts are facts kids.

    Explains so much doesn't it :)
    We got the people who follow and we got the people who can think for themselves.

    Loves and kisses.


    + whats the big deal with the seat thing, its cheap. Get a hold of yourselves people.
  7. You must not know me,
    I was trading 10-15 contracts profitably. I got a seat mainly because I was spending over $500+ a day in commissions sometimes.

    I just make a lot more money doing stocks with less babysitting.

    When I say a lot more money,

    I mean a LOT MORE MONEY.


    Truthfully, I think a lot of futures traders think $500-2k a day is big money when in fact,

    10,000 shares of any 2M+ liquid stock(Appl example) moving $1.5
    is an everyday occurence where the opportunity can be exploited if selection is precise.

    Ah most people just have no idea...
    No idea.. No idea...

    NO IDEA :D
    but I expected this, so no surprise.
  8. Was the movie Brokeback Mountain? It's a gay cowboy movie.
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