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Discussion in 'Economics' started by morganist, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. morganist

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    I have by popular demand and request of many started a blog.

    You can see it at the following.


    I warn you it will be hard core economics.

    If any of you want to post there I would be willing to consider posting other contributions as long as it meets the criteria explained.
  2. Morganist, by popular demand.....................
  3. morganist

    morganist Guest

    Yes why do you find that so hard to believe?

    I blogged at the IEA and the ASI but they said my work deserved its own blog and encouraged me to start my own.
  4. Roark


    What they meant was that you should go away. :D
  5. morganist

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    No they would not have posted my work in the first place if that was the case. I have a unique perspective. Go to my blog to see what I mean.
  6. Congrads. I'll be reading. Scratch me off the list of contributors, two things I know nothing about, money and women.:cool: :D
  7. morganist

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    Thank you. I haven't been on the forum much recently apart from duties I have been busy with economics. I have just finished a really big paper.
  8. I got it bookmarked. :D
  9. oh man the background color has got to go............it's killing my eyes
  10. Joe


    Morganist, could you post the content of your blog here? Withs some copy and paste from you other site?
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