I have some ideas, how do I test them??

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  1. Thanks to much of the help on this forum, and many of the recommended reading, I have finally come up with a strategy that I think works. I've been going through the Ensign real time demo mode and have been sucessfully.

    I have seen on TV that Fidelity offers a program where you can test your strategies. Is the Fidelity program a good one? or are there better ones?

    Basically, I have written on paper several almost IF ---> THEN statements, like if MACD is x and the moving average is x you enter if prices breaks yada yada. Exits when yada yada happens.

    What would be a good software program to test this. I do not know any programming language except for a C++ course I took 1 semester long in High School, but I'm willing to really dig into learning to program.

  2. I never used it but I hear that tradestation is easy to program trading systems for nonprogrammers.
  3. thanks,

    do you know if NeoTicker is what I would be looking for. I see that all the reviews are extremely positive

  4. I just went to the web page, yes this is exactly what I am looking for
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    wealth lab came with 100s ready made strategies, if you search for your key words, chance is you will find something close enough to your idea and take it from there.