I have shorted 50 shares of Tesla at 407.00, do i hold or Short more ?

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  1. I know most short sellers, have Tesla shares at around $280 to $310 in July, where Tesla had $20 Billions or 7.5% of it's float shares been shorted, by many who thought Tesla was way overvalued.

    Do you think Telsa will crash those who bet against, Or should we short even more shares ? Thanks
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    Many billions of dollars have been lost over the last year by many short-sellers who thought Tesla was way overvalued. Just an observation, as I'm no fan of Tesla or Musk.
  3. Why short strength? It’s like shorting NVDA at $330 like some brilliant friends of mine did.
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    I'm a Fan of Musk, he'll turn water into rocket fuel, don't bet against Musk, he's too smart and 1 of the few straight shooters left in the world and a good guy also rare and PC's hate him, so my hero!!

    markets downtrend but high odds of a reversal, if so TSLA back to 500+ for the weekend.

    It's bullish it'll go up faster / stronger than it goes down!
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  5. Nobody can predict the future...

    Common sense would tell you to short a stock with a p/e ratio over 1000...

    But also Battery Day is coming up. With many exciting announcements.
  6. I'm using my own cash, no Leverage. So i thought i can hold on. And considering so many new traders and investors using few times margin, they will be out earlier than anyone else. And i think 407, it not too low for Tesla.
  7. If you have to ask "what others think" about a position, are you sure it's the trade for you? Additionally, profitable trades tend to be unpopular.

    I should point on "holding on" to shorts has the issue that upside in stock (= your downside) is infinite whereas downside (your upside) is limited to -(+) 100%. If you don't know what your exit criteria are you might well get burned.
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    TSLA is in my broker Hard To Borrow List. Did you broker charge any borrowing fee?
  9. I read many people say Tesla will drop back to at least 200 ...even it will be 50 to 87$ stock
  10. I'm just new with Schwab, i don't so. Can you tell me how to find out ?
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