I have not been able to trade for about a month and wondered how stocks have been

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jem, Sep 30, 2003.

  1. jem


    Have the specialists become worse as far as fills or better?.

    Is there volume

    is there follow thru - is it better than summer trading.

    Are there momentum days.

    I do not move into my new home until october 17. A few weeks off is great but a month to a month and half is a bit much.

    by the way traveling around and staying at your grandmothers' house without an internet connection is pretty tough.
  2. You moved without calling... I can't believe it?! How did the move go? All ready to get back into the saddle and starting swapping shares again?

    Trading has been decent. The specialists are still grumpy but the intra-day range on the spooze has moved up and away from the summer's typical 6 point days. So it's been ok all in all.

    Call me anytime, you know where I am. ext 250.

  3. Dustin


    Depends what you trade...

    I scalp listed only and this is my first losing month since last November. No volatility, no action :(
  4. Mecro


    Right there with you.

    Expect it to be my best month, ended up being my worst. Our whole office is shocked by how much worse it got.

    But this last week has gotten much better.