I have no problem with bull markets or bear markets

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Cruzan, Jun 18, 2007.

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    It's the markets in between that make for rough sledding.
  2. Yea its called volatility.
  3. l used to prefer bear markets as they helped with my manic depressive personality, also l started trading in 2001, so l used to have a psychological bias towards bearish environments...
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    I'm biased towards however I made money last time. There was actually a kind of mini bear market for a few weeks or more after the Shanghai crash in February and I was making money doing nothing but shorting. Then over time the opportunities became fewer and fewer until my picks went back to being almost entirely long. But now I'm just seeing way too much sucky counter trend behavior and I wish the market that I see would just make up its mind and decide where it wants to go.
  5. villiage idiot,FYI...volitility is a gift that any trader hopes for.....volitility is synonymous with opportunity....it`s INVESTORS like yourself that despise vol because you can not trade & anything that does`nt appear to be a slowly climbing market scares you..it`s obvious you`re ignorant but you should be able to grasp this simple concept.

  6. I don't worry about vol. cause the market keeps going up. Vol is just noise.
  7. Altough I normally don't recommend following tech analysis by the book; a good rule of thumb:

    between 50 and 200 day EMA or MA is the danger zone
    Best to get completely out of the market, and wait.
  8. Then why were you whining about liquidity and pretending like you used to flip small caps turd? :confused: