I have never seen the DAX up like this.

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  1. 72 pts each day, past 2 days.

    Its like Crazy Eddies, the prices are insane!!
  2. And it only goes up during the US hours. Insane.
  3. Ripley do you ever have any idea what you are talking about?

    to the original poster:

    I know the DAX is great, we've been long since 4503 on 5/31, looked like it was going to top and we pared back our position, but it is breaking out again. I love this thing. Are you long?
  4. Look at the charts dude.. Charts never lie.
  5. uh, dude, news to ya it doesnt ONLY go up during US hours. It opens at 2 AM ct.
  6. But who is there to trade it? :D

    But since most German companies derive most of their revenues from US and Russia, it is only fitting that it would go up most during the US trading hours.
  7. Rip,

    I show the futures up 69 @ 4994.00 when the S&P opened it was already up 41 points since it is up an additional 28. I have always assumed 41 is bigger than 28. But thats just me. How are the credit cards going?
  8. ya know, this "we" bs that Marketspammer started to describe his desperate oil shorts while sitting at his card table of a desk is pretty idiotic. If you've got a big hedge fund or something fine, but if this "we" describes you sitting in your undies pointing and clicking then save this crap for the cocktail parties...
  9. But get this, the break out right at the opening was due to the strong close in US indexes.
  10. Get a clue man. The US indicies ripped higher right after the opening of the DAX. ES was trading 34.75 x 35.00 when the DAX opened and within an hour it was trading at 40.00. Essentially a daily range in this volatility challenged index environment and you act as if its an inconvenience to you.

    I've got some advice for you. Go back and read the posts of Aphexcoil when he first joined here and couldn't stop running his mouth. Considering how readily apparent it is that you just started this game, it would be advisable that you put a cork in it and do some more lurking.
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