I have made a stupid move from ThinkorSwim to Schwab (StreetSmart)

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  1. Well, StreetSmart is dogshit! Recently when I play the open for VIAC I buy 400 shares and for several seconds they send no execution back (the system is slow), when I get it (delayed) invariably the stock moves away from me. This happens time after time. I have asked Shwab when they make ThinkorSwim available, the answer is 12-36 months. The question is; can I complain and get some refund back due to their dogshit interface? I am not the best scalper in the world but at one time I made money every day of the week. Either I am giving up scalping or have to move to another platform which I would hate to do, as I have moved around too much already (TD Ameritrade, IB)
    The only positive thing about Schwab is a good place to invest (not trade!) and phone support is always available.
  2. I've been on Trade Station for 5 years now. It has its pros and cons but it works for me.

    I also hear from others that Ninja is good but I have no experience there.

    Good luck
  3. I am scalping stocks no more. Maybe I'll open a small index futures account...
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    I rarely daytrade my Schwab account, but have opened and closed a couple positions this year and have run into the issue of not getting a confirmation for awhile after the trade. I never had this issue before the purchase of TD Ameritrade, and not sure why this caused an issue, but it seems to coincide with the deal.
    I agree it is crap and I haven't gotten an answer for this issue.
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    Could be your email service that's delayed.
    If you have another email try that for a while.
    I get confirmation almost instantly with every Schwab trade.
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    No, I have the app on the phone and it takes awhile for the confirmation to pop up there also. I was talking about on the StreetSmart Edge platform. The trades I have made this year don't show in the transactions or my portfolio until some time has passed. In the past I had a confirmation and it showed up immediately on the platform.
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    Trading is tough enough without additional headaches like delayed orders. I want to be applying my time and skill to making money, not struggling with my tools. I find that the trading landscape changes and brokers move up and down the list of "best brokers". I suggest a third party platform that works with a number of brokers so you, not a broker, can make the decisions about who handles your order the best. I made a post awhile back and maybe it will be helpful to your goals. Here's the ET link: https://www.elitetrader.com/et/threads/best-charting-software.356495/page-3#post-5335136
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  8. In the first minute of trading, I get no trade confirmation on the desktop. Never mind the email.
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    Always have two brokers because when one is down or you're having too many problems...

    You can use your other broker trade execution platform. Simply, do not put all your eggs in one basket.